To build a partnership to achieve financial strength and prosperity by implementing strategies that seek to maximize sustainable and profitable growth. A partnership that benefits and positively impacts the economic and social life of the community.



We are committed to enriching society by delivering superior investment services. We are committed to putting our partnership at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust. We are one firm, committed to delivering the full range of our capabilities, knowledge and resources to meet the needs of our partnerships. We respect diversity and value differences of opinion.

With many communities in almost all regions living under extreme economic pressure, we have a goal that through good and wise asset management the community is part of our partnership with economic resilience, and provides a proportional guarantee in the fields of housing, food, health, education and culture. A great nation is one that has all the above achievements.



Contemplating the past is not a baseless hope because with the industrial development supported by society with its human and natural resources and utilizing a very favorable geostrategic position, Indonesia should be in the ranks of developed countries, but history dictates otherwise.

The wisdom of the above reflections makes the Indonesian nation wiser to make decisions relating to the life of the nation. These decisions need to be based on the anticipation of the future and a healthy assessment of all the influences of the strategic environment.

The shift of global power activities to the ASIA Pacific region and the free market breakthroughs in the Indonesian economy due to the consequences of democracy, the role of human rights influences and driven by unconstrained structures of alliances and technological transformations and cultural transfers often have instability in a heterogeneous and pluralistic society.

Democracy and the development of a country oriented towards macroeconomic growth sometimes have not guaranteed micro development for human development programs (Human Program) as a whole.

• The phenomenon of society that arises in conjunction with the free market with the role of big investors oriented to macroeconomic development, income disparity will always occur between the rich and poor, like this in our country.

The learning and fighting spirit of the Indonesian children since 1928 and all the components of the nation in the unification of this country to meet the future welfare of its people, become our attitude also, with our fighting spirit to unite and close the ranks of Indonesian children faced with poverty as a challenge and opportunities directing capital flows to humanitarian and labor programs among the non-governmental development sectors.

Equip the spirit of fighting the Indonesian nation for us have its own meaning so as to be erected to form a legal entity Foundation with the name of PANCASILA WORLD FOUNDATION which became a means - Unification of Indonesian Children to a new place in the form of PT. TERATAI CAPITAL INDONESIA. Psychic sparks form a new container of an Indonesian child union so that this new container will prepare the management administration in Planning, Human Growth Program of Indonesia which its existence is greatly needed.

The insight of the approach is the breakdown of macroeconomic excesses with all the consequences that rely on the growth of self-help communities through two interrelated policy paths:

• Improved public health and community education that leads to sustainable utilization of Human Resources (HR).

• Increased production of natural resources in areas in Indonesia that leads to self-sufficiency and prosperity. Natural Resources (SDA).

Striving for the betterment and ensuring a bright future for all Indonesian Children, unites us to constitute the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia will be the capital of our generation's struggle. Through PT. TERATAI CAPITAL INDONESIA we are determined to continue the ideals of prosperity for all the Indonesian People.

For the blessings of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful and the most Compassionate and with all pure Humility and Trustworthiness and His love, we leave the Treasure as our mandate to be managed, utilized for poverty and the growth of human development for Indonesia. God always accompanies this nation. Amen.

Surakarta, 17 June 2013
President Commissioner